The New Rise

by Strawberry Heritage

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released June 11, 2013

Recorded at the Birdhouse, Grand Rapids, Micah's House (Lansing), Matt's House(west bloomfield).
Mixed at Uptown Girl, Chicago by Kyle Vegter
Mastered by Darin Rajabian

John Hanson: guitars, banjo, vibraphone, vocals
Micah Ling: cello, vocals
Andrew DeHaan: banjo
Zachary Tomaszweski: hammer dulcimer
Thomas Roltsch: clarinet
Ashley McGrath: oboe, organ
Matt Milia: pedal steel
Jes Kramer: vocals
Trevor Hobbs: sitar

Cover Illustration by Lucy Engelman
Photograph by Marlee Grace

Earthwork Music
Lamp Light



all rights reserved


Strawberry Heritage Los Angeles, California

Strawberry Heritage is the songwriter, multi instrumentalist, producer John Hanson. Accompanied by many friends and musicians along the way, this folk outfit is based in Grand Rapids MI, Creative arrangements with folk and classical instrumentation. photo: maren celest ... more

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Track Name: Grow Back New
I've been waiting for you all these years
and your sweet language does satisfy my ears
and your trying hard and you see yourself afar
but in a place like this your self ain't who you are

If the leaves don't fall they'll never grow back new
to shed your skin is to change what you do
and you ask yourself about how each days spent
cause after all your life has come and went
Track Name: The Living Elder
The soundtrack of an open mind open heart
its a sound that fills the belly up and its rare to find
you've been giving your whole life, giving favors
and I am new to what is right i'm new to these shoes

and I am watching you
and I would learn from you

The Branches of all the living children underneath you
the blankets one by one, your hands are kept full
You've spent your time in the rain, in the shine
Roots underground you're here you're gone

and I am watching you
and I would learn from you

You've been letting people in to the inside
seen all seven types of sin among those around you
you've had your days your nights and your afternoons
A train car, a memory thats past the living elder

and I am watching you
and I will one day be you
Track Name: Woodsmoke in the Hair
Your face kissed by candle light
it's a sight I passed through summer to see
red moon november does bring
The old field, the oak tree. the rocks in between
shallow river, dry reviene
let it come between us let it in, let it in between
hidden like the crows nest huddled like the green of wild leeks
grass stains in the palms and woodsmoke in the hair
ancestral comb the body with ones own electricity
Track Name: Red Rock
Red rock piled high, the shore line, there once was a time
1929, the boom of a copper mine, money flowed from the underground
there once was a day, families had a way, a simple life under the stars
a number of those towns, swelled before they drowned, lungs they filled with ice and snow
a handful of this earth doesn't have much worth, so put it back where it does belong.
Track Name: Water Inside
You are my water inside, the ocean it's tide and the moon
Here lies all rusted and aged, the oldest ancestors we know
Closed eyes we're watching the wind we're reading the river that flows
Like time we always will grow, yet bound by the quilt we are sewn

Knees bent receptive and true, this notion this wave rolls onto
Recess, vacationing days we carve we are digging we are made
for each other for a purpose we are made
Track Name: Working Man's Glove
Hammering all day in an Illinois quarry
a simple leather glove worn shiny
a pickaxe in my hand not a cloud in the sky
thinking about my past, not a thing I would deny

a working mans glove
a chisel on the table
if its a simple life you love
for work you must be able

open your eyes in the morning sky its cold and theres snow
but a cotton shirt and a lambswool hat will keep you warm to the bone
so grab your tools and your leather gloves your off for your train
when you come home the'll be love children to give you hugs

a working mans glove
a chisel on the table
if its a simple life you love
for work you must be able
Track Name: When it Snows
Set it down in words set it in your blood
whatever you had heard I was wrong
folding into life, folding palms
bending at the knees and curled in a ball

Sinister the light its in you too
whatever's in this night i'll blame the moon
both of your hands over your eyes
cold leaks in the room as you lay down and cry

Some way some how in some form
to feel as though you've been made new
Its the way how you know its come time
you breathe less heavy when it snows

and Im waiting for you to hear
Shy gold like the sun morning is near
12 days more to go, the gifts untold
Held the brightest eyes the smell of smoke
Track Name: Flower Pollen Waltz
You've got flower pollen in your heart and I am a bee
Because sugar blood runs through you it runs through me
I land on your pedals we breathe, we bend with the breeze
I'm a rock and a tree you're a stream, washing us clean
With your pollen you pass on your bloodline
wherever you can and within my hand I spread it around
You are lush as a lilly flower open
You are my home, no more alone, I lay myself down
Track Name: Work Harder
They both want you home
They both want you home
Take what you will and let it alone
Take what you will and let it alone
Someone else will come along soon
Someone will work harder than did you
A heavier type of skin and a sad long face
So let it be unjustice in this place

Here they won't see you the same at all, would you let go of the reigns
Set free to the clouds in the sky, free to the sky

Never would the diving take so long
Never would be stronger or more alone
And resting in the backseat of the car
A second hand old camera and a guitar
The scent of a brand new nature under my nose
A whipping harmony blows through my clothes