The Beginning and End of Strawberry Heritage

by Strawberry Heritage

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This collection of songs was written by John Hanson in the summer of 2011 upon moving to Grand Rapids, MI from Chicago, IL.


released August 22, 2012

Recorded by Keith Kinnear at Backseat, Ann Arbor and at the Birdhouse, Grand Rapids, with additional recording by Grant Floering.
Mixed by Kyle Vegter, Chicago, IL
Mastered by Michael Nau, Ridgeley, WV
John Hanson: guitar, banjo, vocals, bass, vibraphone, percussion
Sam Cook-Parrott: drums, vocals
Anthony Riskey: vocals
Micah Ling: Cello
Zach Nichols: trumpet, alto horn, saw
Matthew Milia: pedal steel

Artwork by Marlee Grace



all rights reserved


Strawberry Heritage Los Angeles, California

Strawberry Heritage is the songwriter, multi instrumentalist, producer John Hanson. Accompanied by many friends and musicians along the way, this folk outfit is based in Grand Rapids MI, Creative arrangements with folk and classical instrumentation. photo: maren celest ... more

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Track Name: Golden Age
sit up high in to a tree
and my fingers are the leaves
the wind does blow us time to think
time to grow and time to sink
there was an ocean of a sky
and on that day i felt so shy
to understand this bigger thing
I'd have to drop it's spinning seed

sit up high upon your neck
because my body is a wreck
and your hair is like the leave
and your eyes are like the seeds
and in your mind there burns a flame
within me there is the same
and I've got to trust your greater good
because we're both still made of wood

and we will burn
like the golden age
and the leaves will turn
to be swallowed by the flame
and we will burn
like the golden age
and the leaves will turn
to be swallowed by the flame
Track Name: Icebox
I was in the icebox sipping some of winter
had a crease in my pants and a cube in my hand
it was a sundown sunset listen for the gold note
keeping the clash that we kept from 87

I was in the backseat sipping some of winter
she was there to comfort me and rest behind the backdrop
a soft cloth wash and I sit behind a stop sign
keeping the clash that we kept from 87

slaving by a stove in the greater part of summer
I was flipping cakes through a door that never closes
run down beat and I'm backing down a bike street
keeping the clash that we kept from 87

the red skies at night bleed down through the trees
and I'm here on the street where winters sinking deep
the red skies at night bleed down through the trees
and I'm here on the street where winters sinking deep
deep into our clothes
Track Name: Snow Song
stuck around here for this long
doesn't feel like it's over
so we huddle with our shoulders
only to keep warm til it's done
or until the sun comes

I won't let it go
we have got too much to prove here
I swear we do
but i cannot feel my fingers
and we've tried here for too long its freezing outside
winter come to kill your reasons
steady as you can your'e leaving your home behind
and if you hit by tomorrow
you'll be a wreck beside a well down beaten path
would it steep you into sorry
would you breathe hard and feel your heart slow down
winters bringing out the tree line
winter dove down and held you deep inside
chattered teeth make up the snow song
battered knees rock and bruises among the pale

I'll leave you alone
i'll let you rest
sleep it off or til its over
and by tomorrow you'll be dressed
in your best pair of shorts
Track Name: Drugs
I'm not gonna do drugs anymore
I'm waking up late everyday feeling sore
those kids aren't even my friends anymore
I spent all my money they left me dirt poor
so now I'm taking a ride up the coast
I'm thinking about my family the most
feeling more lonely a hole in my heart
the best thing is to leave when your'e falling apart

place my hands on the earth
somebody come to my side
I would pay you whatever its worth
all I need is to see through your'e eyes to mine
Track Name: Yellow Moons
you open up your palms in the morning before you crack your eyes
and it hurts because you got four hours up til the sunrise
and you felt my body static sleeping hands above our heads
and a light that changes casting shadows mooves us out of bed

with you I feel the weight
lifted off my back and legs
and its more about today
than what would ever be or was

so goodbye to all the yellow moons that lit our nights back then
I would try to hold on whisping softly wind slips through my hand
and good bye to all the sleeping people who knew me back then
I'll always have the silver photograph of my best friend
Track Name: Strike a Match
you keep yourself composed and you keep it all together real well, real well
your sitting kind of close and I am everything but riddled by your smell, your smell
and your'e sipping on a cup and I can see just how you like to use your lips, your lips
and I would just keep quiet so I wouldn't hurt my chances for a kiss, for a kiss

youv'e broken every man, who's stumbled into your heart, and now you take my hand
strike a match and watch it burn
strike a match and watch it burn so quickly out

you keep your chin up high and I will always catch your smile every time, every time
it's another spirit lifted and we're passing right through walls but in our minds, in our minds
it's the kind of thing thats quilted it's the kind of thing that stops you on a dime, on a dime
and I am everything but drifting towards you, I can't leave my solitude behind, behind
Track Name: Salty Smokey Man
salty smokey man
put the ashes in my hand
burn my skin your'e a man so thin
I would long to be no further from you

I have lost my faith in a year
let it go with my last set of tears
I will wash myself clean and the smoke will still stay
there's a big salty body to blame

I let myself go
fell between head and toe
and the wind would not breathe
for the summer will speak to you
Track Name: Steady Arm
I tried to run I tried to hide because I could not get beside what you had done
you washed your face you washed your hands, what you need is for your temper to be cleansed
you had it all you had the friends, you had but what you couldn't comprehend at all
and now we sit here worlds apart, drawing conclusions that couldn't be further from
what we need is settled down, it's in the forest under shade it underground
but in the woods theres suffering somehow nature take the reign of every steed
a steady hand a steady arm, it will only go as far as we want to
Track Name: If You Knew How to Drive
if I would sleep for any loger I would go to heaven
and my whole body would not move for to remain a mountain
it's in my dreams is where I found a place that meant so much more
and it's a crooked place between the eyes that we go falling in for more

your'e a wrecking ball within my head and growing ever larger
like a running deer your bouncing catching every corner of my
eyes were left wide open from the length of your stay back to normal
and now your gone its just like blowing glass and blowing bubbles back

if you knew how to drive
I would have put the wheel into your hand
and if you hadn't closed your eyes
it would be easier for both of us to try

we had taken a trip to see how far we'd go and ever after
and you better believe that we had crossed the desert without water
and on a raging steed is where we found ourselves had never been so tired
before us lay the sun and a giant place called a fucking mountain range
Track Name: Cocaine Caboose
little miss mary well she up and died
went up to heaven down here i cried
all her life straight as a spaid
but up in heaven time to try cocaine

sweet little mary well you southern pearl
there aint no spirit pure as you girl

up in heaven the dust ain't cut
god on your side
razor blade don't rust

theres only up
aint no down
chattering teeth in your white gown

earth aint pure and it's getting cold
it takes a heart to have a soul

she had to die just to let loose
now she rides the cocaine caboose
Track Name: The Turn and Flea
if you call my name I don't know
call my name i dunno
call my name I won't reply any more

I have lost your scent in a dream
lost the way you see me
lost and we stand on the edge of this game

and we see plenty of this kind
pulled apart from the bind
with every hair that was tangled to you

stuck in this salty sea I can't see anything
open my eyes and they burn, they burn
wishing you'd comfort me watching the turn and flea
waiting for you to make your way back home

and your'e stuck in a broken town wearing that same night gown
still can't believe what had happened last year
a nothing apology bird wings and cups of tea
lonely and high noon cracks hard on the skin

stuck in this salty sea I can't see anything
open my eyes and they burn, they burn
wishing you'd comfort me watching the turn and flea
waiting for you to make your way back home