by Strawberry Heritage

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released November 29, 2016

All songs by John Hanson
Album Produced and Recorded by John Hanson in Grand Rapids, MI
Assistant Engineer and additional Production by Jacob Bullard
Mixed By Chris Bathgate at Backseat in Ann Arbor, MI
Mastered By Mike Nau in Lavale, MD
Cover By Hayley Hungerford
Design and Layout Michael Krauss

John Hanson: Guitar, Bass, Vocal, Vibraphone, Percussion, Piano
Jacob Bullard: Guitar, Bass, Percussion, Vocal. Piano
Jeffrey Niemeier: Violin, Vocal
Fiona Dickinson: Cello, Vocal, Banjo
Ariel Frey: Vocal
Hayley Hungerford: Vocal, Omnichord
Chad Houseman: Percussion
Ashley McGrath: Oboe
Rachele Guastella: Piano
Leah Schumaker: Vocal
Nate Bliton: Viola
Zach Nichols: Trumpet

Special Thanks to: Peter Fox, Sean McConnell, Fountain St. Church, Branch Cabin, DJ Viernes, Zachary Tomaszewski, Jamie Schumaker, The Schumaker Family, Alex McGrath, The Cook-Parrott Family, The Dickinson Family, Lamp Light Music Festival, Graham Parsons, The Go Rounds, Earthwork Music, the Blickley Family,
Jim Roll, Keith Kinnear, Radiator Hospital, The Soil and the Sun, Rachele Eve, Major Murphy, Vox Vidorra, Marlee Grace, Mike Wolf, The DAAC, Earthwork Music


all rights reserved



Strawberry Heritage Grand Rapids, Michigan

Strawberry Heritage is the songwriter, multi instrumentalist, producer John Hanson. Accompanied by many friends and musicians along the way, this folk outfit is based in Grand Rapids MI, Creative arrangements with folk and classical instrumentation. photo: maren celest ... more

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Track Name: Bound To Separate
I've been on the road again today
someone have the piece of mind to stop me where I lay
and I would be another fly on the wall
less distracted come to terms
pull down the woolen shawl
the letters in my dreams all change around
leading me to see there is no concrete state of mind
although I've tried to keep it high all along
keeping questions in my pocket like a box that's full of charms
and you don't come to me unless you're called
your color's in the leaves and on your breath is alcohol
and I would be such a fool not to give
but protection comes a virtue and we've separate lives to live
we don't have to feel the change in spring
unwrap it throw the peel keep your head down start again
among the chain you're a link pulled tight
along with tension comes a weakness
put down the will to fight
you, you're a warm heart beat
always working where you sleep
thoughts are rolling out the door
home on the mantle near your thrown
photographs and things you own
giving permanence to place
to all of the things we keep around
be it luck lost or found
we are bound to separate
Track Name: Lie With You
I'm not of the sort of type to lie
but I love to lie with you
I don't think its kind to roll your eyes
but you know I sometimes do
I don't think about the troubled times
theres far too much work to do
and I dont think its worth the piece of mind
to deny whats running through

I hold you like water in a jar
just to watch the way you move
and you'll be what it takes to get me by
just believing like you do
and mountains are the way up to the sky
and the clouds will part the view
so come with me stop asking yourself why
let the water carry you

please don't say you're gonna go on your own
the tangles you know I would untie I would go
follow you
Track Name: Overgrowth
Oh a bird spoke to me through my window
I was listening like we were friends
when I opened my eyes it was over
and the day had already begun
it was cold in the house on that morning
woodsmoke and small figurines
and the table was empty with boredom
and the lawn was uncut now for weeks

when the snow came I kneeled in the garden
marveling at what had grown
trickling through what had hardened
every stem every root stands alone
spilled onto the sidewalk and over
plants on their own overgrown
and walking they tap on your shoulder
just to feel what its like to be known
Track Name: Waltz For Driving
nature will always bed down by the side of the road
leave leaps and boundaries the acorns will scatter and roll
concrete will heat in the sun
seeds will be planted among the median

parking forgot how the sound and the smells are not there
cabins and windows afford us the privilege to stare
lest not the engine will spark
finding ourselves in the dark
under the stars

without for a torch or a memory do we stand a chance
night from the air is our breath and its sharpening trance
holding what we know to be
changes like every disease and golden age

piercing like teeth from the rain
puzzled you stay in your lane and pass it by
Track Name: Voice In My Head
she spins around the room dancing across the wood floor
feet only well to do she's up for that and some more
I dance beside myself waiting for her to notice
told under lies and breath I don;t think I could persuade her

theres a voice in my head
she's always open to changes
no words are said as we reach for each others right arm

held tight repeating our footsteps would build and release
swollen hearts beating a first love or chance for the feeling

if there's one thing I know it's to follow the trail of your heartbeat
covered in snow she would walk out the door and be gone

my mind would play back the sight of her walking away
burned in my eyelids the memory I'd watch it for days

there's a voice in my head
she's always open to changes
no words are said as we reach for each others right arm
Track Name: Open Street
I see it all to clear now
I see it from behind
thoughts and motivation
finally had the time
its different from the rule book
a different way to play
and with it blew the cold wind
turned winter in a day

running down the open street
is that a way to be
bundled up your bedrooms cold
you're waiting there for me
and I'll look out for you
just bit off more than I can chew
I'll make it up next year

settle down and build around
settle up lose control
invitation to the welfare
join the crowd who's getting in
used to see it as a wilderness
now its tame beyond compare
guess thats the nature of the universe
engineering from thin air

running down the open street
is that a way to be
bundled up your bedrooms cold
you're waiting there for me
and I'll look out for you
just bit off more than I can chew
I'll make it up next year
Track Name: Light From The Inside
how our own breath has been passed on by others who've lived
dachshunds and hunting hounds track by the fear that you give
and the will not to die so strong by the ones on the hill

split by our differences not blood or color of eyes
stuck on the tangles when combing your hair left to right
never is perfect but always the chance to improve

so let one be different or let them the chance to decide
for all to be open and letting the knots be untied
still compromised by the will of others and time

so let down the flooding gates let fall the ash from the sky
holding the teeth in place marionetes and white lies
the biggest distraction of all is the worrying mind

like flies are drawn to light chance to see without the sun
feeding a parasite how many more til its done
light from the inside will only be lessoned
light from the inside will only be lessoned

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